Top Three Platforms to Stream Chinese Shows : Language Learner Edition

Trying to find the best websites to watch Chinese shows is not easy. Since you are looking for Chinese entertainment, Dailymotion is not going to be your best friend, in all honesty. Netflix is nice, but if you don’t have a subscription like me, then what? Here are my top three go-to websites to stream Chinese shows! Yes, they are completely legal.


iQiYi is probably going to have everything that you could ever desire to watch in Chinese. iQiYi is an online video platform that has all the Chinese TV shows that you can even think of streaming. However, due to licensing, you may find that some shows you would like to watch are not available in your location. But there is no need to worry! You still have a several other platforms to browse. is an online video sharing platform that is based in Shanghai, China. I am sure that I am not the only one to dub it as China’s YouTube. Whereas, I watch Markiplier on YouTube, China has its own media influencers on Bilibili, Weibo, etc. Check it out!


My loveeee! I saved the best for last. Any East Asian language lover would be doing themselves a disservice if they are not watching their shows on here. Viki is an American video streaming website for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese drama and movies. This platform is completely run and supported by fans. Yes, this is still legal. Viki has obtained licenses to each of the shows on their sites, for instance. Each episode is translated by a team of trained volunteer fans. Talk about a global community. Above all, select Chinese and Korean drama have a feature called Learning Mode. Both your target language and English subtitles will be on the screen. If you don’t know a word, click the word and you will get a full standard pronunciation with an example sentence.

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Top Three Platforms to Stream Chinese Shows : Language Learner Edition



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