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Lexody is the first, in-person immersion network...
...and it's free!

From NYC with ❤️

Lexody the Language Exchange

Learning a language? Next step: Immersion with a native speaker.

Speak any language with a native speaker

Why learn a language, if you never speak it? Plan a meeting with a native speaker for coffee or a drink!

"As a language-lover, I am so excited to finally offer a platform that allows you to meet up, in person, with native speakers of any language."

Walsh Costigan

Walsh Costigan

Founder and CEO of Lexody

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"With all of the research demonstrating the benefits of bilingualism, this is one of the easiest and effective ways to learn that foreign tongue"
WINNER: Best One Minute Speed Pitch, March 2017
"Walsh Costigan didn’t want to create just another dating or language learning app, but instead wanted to pull the best parts of each"
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Now in New York! But we have requests in Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, Bucharest, Riyadh, San Diego and Austin (to name a few)!

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