The Best Middle Eastern Artists on Instagram for Arabic Learners

Improve your Arabic skills and satisfy your wanderlust with these unique and exciting Middle Eastern artists on Instagram!

Just because we’re waiting for the world to return to normal doesn’t mean we can’t dream of travel in the meantime! And there’s no better way to do that than adding some fresh new Middle Eastern artists to your Instagram feed. If you’re looking for a quarantine escape that will help improve your Arabic, then look no further! Here are the Middle Eastern artists on Instagram that every Arabic learner should follow. And don’t forget to follow @lexodyapp for even more art and updates!

Khatt / @arabictypography

Focusing on “found khatt (calligraphy)”, this Middle Eastern artist on Instagram is all about the Arabic language and the beauty of words. Here, you’ll see the written word in all its iterations, from handwritten graffiti on crumbling walls to magnificent religious architecture and everything in between. It’s a must for anyone learning Arabi

eL Seed / @elseed

eL Seed is a pioneer in the “calligraffiti" movement. He spreads beauty and messages of peace with his artwork, and following his Instagram gives you an inside perspective on his process. Not to mention, it's an easy way to see his beautiful projects. And if you’re learning Arabic, you’ll gain some great new vocabulary by viewing his work!

Arabic Pop Art /

If you want a funky and fresh look at the Middle East, then follow this account! It collects all kinds of digital art from the region in one place, so you can browse and discover new artists, too. And from space men on camels to commentary on the Iraq War, there’s definitely something here for everybody!

Arabic Words / @arabicwords_0

This is the best place on Instagram for Arabic learners to hang out. It's full of language infographics, proverbs, and idioms. Furthermore, all the information is presented in an accessible and beautiful way. You’ll certainly be bookmarking this account for future language learning!

Ismail Zaidy / @l4artiste

This award-winning Moroccan photographer started with a phone camera while using his roof for a studio. Then, his work exploded on Instagram, and since then he’s gained fame for his beautiful, painting-like photography and ability to tell a story with each shot.

Oussama Benjelloun / @blizzart_

Greek statues stand adorned with a tagelmust, a traditional blue veil from the Sahara. A space taxi covered with Arabic letters races through the stars. You’ll find all kinds of whimsical, surreal, and funny digital art here. Above all, it’s gorgeous! Follow Blizzart for equal parts humor, travel nostalgia, and Arabic learning.

The Crazy Souq / @the.crazy.souq

These artists focus on on the vibrant, fun, and diverse traditions of the African continent from north to south. Thus, The Crazy Souq collects all the best of photography, design, and music in one place. In addition, this account has some of the most colorful content you’ll ever see on Instagram.

Be sure to schedule a Lex to share your favorites with a native speaker. In addition, our blog has collected all the Arabic books and even cooking shows you'll ever need. So you'll never lack fun ways to learn!

The Best Middle Eastern Artists on Instagram for Arabic Learners



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