Best Arabic Movies on Amazon Prime

Watching movies is a great way to improve your Arabic! We collected all the best Arabic movies on Amazon Prime in one place, so you don't have to.

Want to improve your Arabic during your next movie night? Look no further! We’ve collected all the best Arabic movies on Amazon Prime in one place, so you’ll have plenty of options. With so many different stories, there’s certainly something for everyone’s taste. Additionally, there’s no better way to improve your listening skills, learn new words, and immerse yourself in Arab culture from home than film. And with a 30-day free trial of Prime, you’ll have plenty of time to watch all the best Arabic movies on Amazon Prime and more!

Excuse My French / لا مؤاخذة

This heartwarming film follows Hany, a young Egyptian Christian boy, as he navigates the trials and tribulations of a new school. Fortunately, he’s likable, bright, and funny. But he has a secret -- none of his classmates know he’s a Christian. Consequently, what ensues is a funny and authentic story of religious minority life in Egypt. Don’t miss it!

Wajib / واجب

Wajib is a road trip movie like no other. This award-winning film tells the story of an estranged Palestinian father and his activist son, reunited for a wedding in their shared homeland after years of separation. As they make the rounds delivering invitations, they clash with each other, reveal new truths of their family history, and ultimately attempt to reconcile their divisions. Because it's powerful yet delicate, this film is a triumph for Palestinian cinema.

Girl of the Moon / بنت القمرة

If you’ve never heard of “children of the moon,” then this beautiful and touching film will teach you everything you need to know. While afflicted with a rare disease that causes severe illness upon exposure to sunlight, three Tunisian women learn to navigate life and live it to the fullest. In spite of their condition, the women defy all limits and expectations while chasing their dreams. 

Capernaum / كفر ناحوم

This movie swept the awards podium virtually everywhere it screened, and for good reason. It tells the quiet yet moving story of a young, streetwise boy in Lebanon who seeks justice for his difficult life through an unconventional lawsuit. And once you’ve seen his story play out, you’ll certainly want more. It’s a good thing, then, that the lead actors in this film are just getting started. As such, you’ll likely see more of them soon!

The Band’s Visit / العرض الأخير

This film inspired an award-winning Broadway musical that became an instant classic. But even better, the movie itself is a gem. Once a dazed and confused Egyptian military band boards the wrong bus in Israel, they find themselves stranded in a tiny desert town with nowhere to stay. Fortunately, the residents begrudgingly offer their homes. Equal parts funny and heartbreaking, this multilingual and unique film will surely entertain and inspire you as you learn Arabic.

For Sama / إلى سما

This Oscar-winning film is stunning, so you have to see it to believe it. Waad, the filmmaker, narrates and records her own unique experience of the Syrian civil war from inside Aleppo. And her documentary makes an impact. It will break your heart, yet give you renewed faith in the human spirit.

Once you've checked out these films, why not schedule a Lex to chat about them with a native speaker? And if books are more your thing, consult our blog and Book Search feature for recommendations from other learners. Happy watching!

Best Arabic Movies on Amazon Prime



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