Spanish Music For Spanish Learners

Welcome to another installment of 'music for language learners!' Listening to music in another language allows you to understand the culture better, as well as pick up a few words here and there. It is especially helpful to listen to the songs and read the lyrics at the same time, this way you are able to understand everything much better.

I am a self-proclaimed 'gringa'- I love listening to music and learning words in Spanish, even if my accent might sound a little ridiculous doing it. Many of my friends happen to be fluent in Spanish, so I always try to improve on my limited Spanish whenever I'm around them. I find that after listening to music in Spanish, I'm also able to understand my friends' conversations better.

Here are a few of my favorite artists to listen to. They each sing clearly, are easy to comprehend, and have catchy songs:

Mon Laferte

Some of her top songs:


Amor Completo



Her voice is so strong and her videos are very entertaining! My friend from Puerto Rico cannot even say what her favorite song of hers is, because they are all so great! She almost reminds me of Katy Perry with her style and voice!

Julieta Venegas

Some of my favorite songs of hers:

Me Voy

Limon Y Sal

Eres Para Mi

Buenas Noches

She sings slowly and soothingly- it's very easy, even for me, to understand her lyrics. Her videos are very eccentric and fun to watch- they really make you want to get up and dance with her! She reminds me a lot of Levante, an Italian singer that you might also want to check out if you like this type of music! My friend used many of her songs to learn Spanish when he was in school, and I have definitely followed his lead!


Me Enamore



Sera Sera

Who hasn't heard of Shakira? I couldn't not put her on the list. Shakira has such a unique voice, and many of her songs happen to be in Spanish! I have included some of her slower songs in Spanish. If you read the lyrics while listening to the song, it will help a lot in comprehension! All these songs will make you want to bailar!

J Balvin

Mi Gente

Ay Vamos


6 AM

This singer is extremely popular at the moment, for a good reason! All his songs are extremely catchy! I've heard them everywhere, played by some people who don't know more than 'hola' in Spanish. I find that there are many times where I can understand whole segments of his music without any problems. Definitely give his songs a listen if you haven't already!

Listening to music in your target language is super important. It is a perfect language learning exercise- it combines culture, music, vocabulary, and it is also super fun! You can do it anywhere- on the subway, while working out, while relaxing, while socializing...the possibilities are endless! It is also a great topic of conversation for a Lex 'language experience!' You could ask your Lex partner about their favorite music in Spanish- they'll have a lot of great suggestions for you!

Have fun! Soon you'll be singing along to all these songs!

Spanish Music For Spanish Learners



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