Portuguese - Beginner Language Learning Resources and Facts

Olà! This week our featured language is Portuguese. Keep reading to learn more about the language and our favorite resources.

Quick Facts:

  • Portuguese is the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Principe (co-official language in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau)
  • Only 5% of Portuguese speakers live in Portugal
  • Portuguese is the fastest-growing European language after English
  • There are about 230 Million Speakers
  • Portuguese uses the 26 letter Latin Script
  • The Portuguese language is different in Brazil than it is in Portugal
  • Portuguese words like cobra, flamingo, and piranha are also used in English
  • The longest Portuguese word (anticonstitucionalíssimamente, which means “in a very unconstitutional way”) has 29 letters

Key Words and Phrases:

Yes - sim
No - não
Thank You - obrigado
Good Bye - adeus or chao
Good Morning - bom dia
Good Afternoon - boa tarde
Good Night - boa noite
I'm Sorry - desculpe
See You Later - até logo
Can I? - posso?
How much? - quanto?
Here - aqui
There - ali
Near - perto
Far - longe
Hot - quente
Cold - frio
New - novo
Old - velho
Yesterday - ontem
Today - hoje
Tomorrow - amanhã
I need help. - Preciso de ajuda
Where's __ Street? - Onde é a rua __
Do you know...? - Você sabe...?
Good - bom
Bad - mau
Breakfast - pequeno-almoço
Lunch - almoço
Snack - lanche
Dinner - jantar

Where Can I Learn Portuguese?

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Portuguese - Beginner Language Learning Resources and Facts



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