NetLEX and Chill

Netflix can be a workout...a linguistic workout! If you follow our steps, you'll be speaking like your fav characters in no time!

Level 1

If you're a beginner speaker, start out by watching a favorite show with subtitles in the language you're learning. While listening, try to keep up with the subtitles instead, keeping your ears tuned to new vocabulary you might not have otherwise encountered!

Level 2

Once you're able to follow the subtitles with ease, switch the language of the audio, and put the subtitles in English! This way, you can follow the subtitles whenever you get lost with the speakers.

Level 3

Woo! You're almost a NetLEX master! This next step requires you to keep the audio in the language you're learning but...change the subtitles to that language as well! Oftentimes, it's easier to read in the language than hear the murmurs of the characters in the shows.

Level 4

Now you're really an expert! Get rid of those subtitles! You've made it! Don't worry if you don't catch every word- as long as you can get the main idea of a scene, you're set!


I myself have used this technique and I've found it very useful. I spent a year living in Italy, without having studied Italian beforehand. What got me through, and fluent, was watching shows like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Orange is the New Black' using these steps! I highly recommend this method, as it is a form of 'implicit learning'- you don't even know how much you're picking up until you start talking like a true Italian 'Walter White!'

Another great idea: Start watching a show with your Lex 'language experience' partner. You can both agree on a show and follow it together, each watching in your target languages. Every time you meet, you'll always have something exciting to talk about!


If you use this link and add a 'language code' at the end, you can find all the shows and movies that offer audio in that language! code)

(example language codes: French FR, Spanish ES, German DE, Arabic AR, Italian IT, Japanese JA, Korean KO...)

Most Netflix original series are found in many languages!

Have fun being productive bing

PS- did you know that Netflix libraries are different in every country? I was so sad I couldn't watch The Office while I was abroad!

NetLEX and Chill



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