Five Italian Blogs All Italian Learners Should Read

Finding reading material in Italian can be difficult. You have to strike the right balance: content that is challenging enough for you to learn new words and expressions, but not so challenging that you can't keep up.

And it's even harder to find reading material that is also engaging. Blogs are luckily the perfect intersection between these two areas. You can pick up new Italian vocabulary and slang, while also reading about something related to your interests—all at the tip of your fingers!

There are thousands of Italian blogs out there, but below are five blogs that I believe any Italian learner should check out:

The Blonde Salad


The Blonde Salad is hands-down one of the most-trafficked Italian websites. The blog is known for setting trends and providing promo codes on the hottest fashion items. The Blonde Salad is run by the incredibly accomplished Chiara Ferragni: the fashion mogul has won several awards and was even one of Forbes' 30 Under 30.

Giallo Zafferano


This blog whose name means 'Yellow Saffron' is perfect for foodies. Giallo Zafferano features recipes of all kinds—risotto, zucchini fritatas, gluten-free pesto—from some of the most respected chefs in Italy. It's no wonder that with over 2.2 million like on Facebook, Giallo Zafferano is the most popular food blog in the Italian cybersphere.

Stefano Tiozzo


Stefano Tiozzo is a travel blogger who brings his camera along for the ride. Along with posting photos from around the world, he also writes blog entries detailing his time in foreign locales, ranging from Norway to Namibia. If you're an Italian learner who frequently experiences wanderlust, Tiozzo's blog is for you.

Irene's Closet


This is one blog I've been reading since I started learning Italian. Irene's Closet, owned by Irene Colzi, is also one of the more popular Italian fashion blogs out there. Irene has been successfully running her blog for almost 10 years and posts about fashion & beauty trends, as well as travel.

Blog A Cavolo


Blog A Cavolo is a DIY & crafts blog run by Antonella Piamonte. Blog A Cavolo translates to 'Cabbage Blog' and gets its name from Piamonte's belief that 'everything is born under a cabbage!' Piamonte often blogs about seasonal and holiday projects, whether it's DIY Easter egg baskets or spring-inspired magnolia wreaths.

Five Italian Blogs All Italian Learners Should Read



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