Best German films and TV shows you can stream on Netflix or Hulu

Learning a language requires immersion and an easy way to become more fluent is by watching TV. Here's our list of the best German films on Netflix and Hulu

When you’re learning a language, immersion is the best thing you can do! The more time you spend listening to the language, the more you’ll understand and pick up. To help you with this, here are the best German films and TV shows you can watch on Netflix or Hulu.

Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)

On Netflix, English subtitles are available

This bittersweet film about East German spying received universal acclaim in 2006 and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It’s a historically accurate film following a popular East-German playwright and the Stasi officer spying on him, and a must-see!

Berlin Calling

On Netflix, English and German subtitles are available

This is for all you Techno-lovers! This film is set in Berlin, the modern home of Techno music and features original music by Paul Kalkbrenner. 

Deutschland 83

On Hulu, plays with English subtitles 

Set in 1983, this thrilling spy drama will have you addicted in no time! It follows an East German spy who is sent over to West Germany to gather intelligence, with all the romance, treachery and bravery along the way! Season 2, Deutschland 86 is also online for when you’ve made it through Season 1!

Er ist wieder da! (Look who's back!)

On Netflix, English and German subtitles are available

This dystopian comedy is based on the bestselling book by Timur Vermes and shows what might happen if Adolf Hitler re-emerged today, unintentionally being seen as a comedian or method actor rather than himself.


On Netflix, English and German subtitles are available

Charité is a medical drama set in Berlin in the late 19th Century based on the real doctors at one of Europe’s largest hospitals. You can find 2 seasons online, the second season set during World War 2, and if you’ve seen House or Grey’s Anatomy, this show is for you!

Dogs of Berlin

On Netflix, English and German subtitles are available 

If you like an action-filled, dark crime drama, look no further! Dogs of Berlin has it all. Set in Berlin, it follows two detectives investigating a murder, but there are plenty of twists along the way.

Whilst this list hopefully has something for everybody - romance, feel-good and drama - there is still a HUGE amount of other German-language film and TV online to watch! If you liked Sebastian Koch in Das Leben der Anderen for example, then find him in other films, such as Der Tunnel!

Watching films and TV online is a great way to learn languages, not only can you choose whether to have subtitles on or not (and in most cases choose between German or English), you can always rewind and listen again to bits you might have missed. And when you feel confident, schedule a Lex and show off your fluency! Maybe even introduce someone else to one of these shows.

Did you like this list? Did we miss anything? Comment below your favorite German films and TV shows!

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Best German films and TV shows you can stream on Netflix or Hulu



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