Find French / Spanish Language Exchange Partners

Spend 30 minutes practicing French conversation and 30 minutes practicing Spanish conversation

Use Lexody to find your French / Spanish language exchange partner on a computer, smartphone, or tablet!

Find Native Speakers
Find Native Speakers

Find Native French or Spanish Speakers

You will become fluent in French or fluent in Spanish faster by practicing conversations with a native speaker

Meet and Chat

A French, Spanish Language Exchange offers the opportunity for full language immersion

Find Native Speakers
Find Native Speakers

Real Life Fluency

A language exchange meetup allows you to learn French or learn Spanish in a supportive environment with someone who understands what you’re going through

What’s a Lex?

Language Exchange

In 2017, let's learn by speaking.The modern way to learn a language.

I speak

And I'm learning

Meet up at a local cafe and play games provided by Lexody.

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Speak only in French for 30 minutes.

Then, only in Spanish for 30 minutes.

Languages are meant to be spoken

Lexody allows you to learn French or Learn Spanish faster through full language immersion. You will serve as both tutor and student, practicing French conversation for 30 minutes and then practicing Spanish conversation for 30 minutes.

Lexody Tailors Your French Spanish Language Exchange meetup to your learning needs

Lexody provides games, topics, and conversation starters to structure your French Spanish language exchange meetup. You can focus on mastering the exact parts of the language that you need to. As you go on more language exchanges you will gain points and level up.

Find Native Speakers
"With all of the research demonstrating the benefits of bilingualism, this is one of the easiest and effective ways to learn that foreign tongue"
WINNER: Best One Minute Speed Pitch, March 2017
"Walsh Costigan didn’t want to create just another dating or language learning app, but instead wanted to pull the best parts of each"