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Meet native speakers of any language in your city.
Free immersion, with native speakers.
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Practice any language with a native speaker
Lexody Apple app - language exchange profile
Lexody Apple app - language exchange profile
Lexody Apple app - language exchange profile

Meet. Chat. Immerse.

Lexody is a language exchange for the modern language learner. Find cool people like you, who speak your target language.
Meet native speakers of any language


Filter language matches and request to connect. Only connect with people you deem 'cool'
Chat with native speakers


Once connected, you can chat unlimitedly and schedule as many meetings as you want!
Immerse into any language


Spend 30 minutes in your target language. Then, spend 30 minutes helping your partner immerse!
Study Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian
Language Exchange - immerse in real life!
Language exchange profile with Chinese, Korean, English

Immersion in your neighborhood.

Everyone speaks a language fluently. You can offer the simple gift of conversation, in exchange for practicing conversation with someone, who is learning your native language!

The 'next level' of
language learning

Immerse into any language

Stuck after finishing DuoLingo?

Great work completing a beginner language course! Now, you're ready for the next step - a real conversation!
Speak confidently in any language

Nervous to speak, irl?

Sometimes we just need to break the ice. Practicing in a safe environment will get you ready for the real world.
Maintain your Spanish, English, French and more!

Need to maintain your skills?

Need to brush up on your high school Spanish? Preparing for a trip to France, and want to remember your college French 1 skills?
Language Exchange - immerse in real life!
Language exchange detail - immerse into any language!
Language exchange meetings

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French - English Language Exchange

Chinese - English Language Exchange

Italian - English Language Exchange

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Korean - English Language Exchange

Portuguese - English Language Exchange

Russian - English Language Exchange

Japanese - English Language Exchange

Hindi - English Language Exchange

Arabic - English Language Exchange


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